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Everyday Evangelism works with local pastors and church plants to establish soul winner training in their local church. We do this by training the pastor in the use of Everyday Evangelism - both in their personal soul winning and in how to set up the club to be used in the church to make it a vibrant part of their ministry.

Imagine, over 100 members of your church out in the community every week, witnessing for Jesus. A lot of Christians, a lot of churches, want to reach out to their communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ but they aren't sure how to effectively accomplish what God has laid on their hearts. It is said, "inspiration without education leads to frustration." The only thing these churches need is someone to show them how to put together an effective evangelism/outreach program for their Jerusalem.

Everyday Evangelism is a 12 week training course for personal evangelism repeated 4 times annually at your church. It is a program designed to energize and train the lay people in your church to make them enthusiastic soul winners. Everyday Evangelism teaches personal evangelism using:

  • On-the-job training (2-by-2 soul winning)
  • Bible verse memorization
  • Motivational sermons on CD
  • Classroom lecture
  • Reading assignments (Bible and textbook)

Click on the Everyday Evangelism button, above, to learn more about this very effective outreach program designed specifically for the new and growing church.

When you visited, on Easter Sunday, we were a 62 member Church. Our goal, using , was to reach 500 souls by 2010 – next year. Sunday, April 11, we reached 160 in the morning worship service and 8 were saved. In the afternoon service we reached 186 and 5 were saved. Again, thank you and best regards.

Berean Bible Church

Twenty-four Souls were saved when you preached on Sunday. We know that God's hand moved. Ten of them followed in baptism. Thank you once again for a great blessing and for the souls added to the Church.

My Pastor and the Church are most happy that you shared with us the preaching and very special teaching of Soul Winning.  It was much appreciated. We are challenged and awakened by your teaching. What a tremendous blessing.

Hello!  It is Pastor Snow and Terri.  We just wanted to give you our first update!!!   We started visiting tonight the cards from the fair.  After  trying about 6 houses and not getting anywhere, we went to the house of a 7 year old boy who was saved on Sat. night at the fair. Then Dad came home from work!   Well after breaking the ice a little, we began to witness to him and he got saved!!!

Pastor Snow
Cumberland, MD

We had class on Monday 23rd and went out on Saturday 29th. God was again really faithful, we are almost winding down the first session of the course and we are grateful that God is using us for souls. 8 people came to the Lord and we praise Him.

Nairobi, Kenya

I am really excited, I wasn’t in a position to let you know that God has really been faithful. The other week we had class on 16th August then went out on Wednesday. We thank God that He has remained faithful as 7 people got saved!

This week, while out in the evening just outside the church (because time was running out), we welcomed a brother to just watch as we experienced the power of the Holy spirit work in the hearts of men. It was wonderful! He got excited and overjoyed as souls came to Christ! He is the brother that is handling the new converts class and already the new believers love him and enjoy his company. 8 people received the Lord Jesus and glory to His name!

Praise the Lord, Dr Bob,
It is good to hear that you are praying with us! We began the class on Saturday. The class was exciting and we thank God for the Holy Spirit. My student is very positive. This week, by the grace of God, 3 souls came to the Lord. Glory to God. We are also conducting the new believers’ class. May God bless as you continue in His work.


I had the privilege to lead a family of five to the Lord. All prayed aloud together and accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Father, Mother and their three children assured of eternity in heaven together. The father shook my hand, the mother and three children hugged me and thanked me over and over again and they departed and I said God bless you folks and they say God bless you too. Yes Thank God for so many more just like that family who received the greatest gift ever right before my eyes. Praise God!

Maryland, USA